Bespoke workshops for creative professional practice

Our workshops are created, facilitated and evaluated based on a client's specific need. The aim is to integrate mental health research and psychological theory with contemporary arts processes, for a creative audience. We usually start with a question or a theme that the client would like explored in context of their current professional process or project. Or, it might be around a particular skill or concept. The style of workshops is flexible but generally experiential and educative. Below is a selection of recent workshops that we have created. 

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cultivating emotional safety in the performance space

We believe that emotional safety is a non-negotiable in the modern creative's working life. So, it makes sense that our most popular theme for exploration in workshops is how we can support emotional wellbeing generally while working in creative contexts, but also during projects or processes that are more taxing. Content is shaped to suit your particular organization, project or context. Informed by concepts including a stress-vulnerability model to wellbeing and principles of trauma-informed practice, this workshop provides education and practical strategies at both the organization, ensemble and individual level. Despite sometimes managing tricky content, the style of the workshop is relaxed and conversational. 


high stakes, high stress: COping with being a professional performer

A workshop created for MEAA and held in conjunction with the Equity Wellness Committee. The central theme was acknowledging that the slings, arrows, joys, down times and constant challenges that are all part of the performer's working life can be incredibly stressful. The workshop explored the nuts and bolts of psychologically adjusting to being a professional performer, while also providing practical strategies for facing times of stress in helpful ways. 


what is narcissism and how do we portray it on stage?

Created for a theatre ensemble who were devising a new Australian work. The work required the ensemble to develop a rich understanding of narcissism, which would then form the basis of key characters and plot. The workshop integrated concepts such as personality theory, social process, interpersonal dysfunction and contemporary culture into the rehearsal process. Some components of the workshop included round table discussion, character analysis exercises and guided improvisation activities.